Steps to successfully submit your ad


Pay for Ad

Once you select which listing plan you choose, click the Ad to Cart Button below and use PayPal to purchase your ad space.

Ads must be paid for, reviewed, and approved before being placed online. 


Fill in the Ad Request Form Below

Fill in the basic information on the form below. If you have any specific requests or questions, please include in provided space at the bottom of the form. 

Once your Payment, Ad, and Form have been received your ad will be placed online.


Create and Submit Your Ad

Ads should be created as a jpg at the size specified in your purchase and submitted using the upload button below or email ads to for approval.

Once approved, your ad will be displayed prominently on the site.



$35 Premium
Sidebar Ad

Advertise on sidebar for 30 days

Ads should be created as a jpg at 300 x 500

The Ad to Cart button will take you to a PayPal submission page.  

$90 Premium 
Sidebar Ad

Advertise on sidebar for 90 days

Ads should be created as a jpg at 300 x 500


Ad Request Form

After paying for your ad, please submit this form.

Your sidebar ad should be submitted as a 300 x 500 jpg at 72 dpi
If you have a website that you would like the ad to link to, please include that here.
Your payment must be received before your ad will be placed on the site. PayPal payment is accepted.

Step 3

Submit Your Ad
Format: JPG
DPI: 72
Size: 300 x 500

Submit your ad using the upload button

or email your ad to

Thank you for choosing to advertise with us.

Once you have completed all three steps, we will review your order and let you know when your ad is ready to go live! 
If you need to contact us please email or call (419) 243-0007